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    Trolley selection criteria
    Release time:2016-11-10

    Trolley standard to buy a few points can refer to: the general rod travel suitcase by material points can be divided into soft cloth box and hard box two (hard and can be divided into ABS and PP two).

    According to the structure can be divided into two kinds of vertical rod and horizontal suitcase.

    According to the size of the trolley can be divided into (from small size to large size): 18 inch / '20 inch '22 inch '24 inch' 26 inch '28 inch '30 inch these types!

    Commonly used is the 20-inch: the three sides and add up 115CM can carry the size of the aircraft and 28-inch "three-side and add up to 158CM aircraft can be checked free standard size!

    Teach you how to buy trolley as long as the following several major factors that are not flawed, then this package is basically a fine workmanship, quality and reliable package.

    Surface: smooth, smooth, no seams outside the design, no bubbles, no exposed flash.

    Where: whether it is selected textiles or leather products, the color should be coordinated with the package surface. Lining more seams, pins should be fine, should not be too large.

    Strap: an important part of the package, but also the most vulnerable parts. To check whether the suture on the strap, crack, see the strap and Baoshen connection is strong. All kinds of bags should pay attention to straps, and backpackers will pay more attention to the strap bearing and fastness, in the selection of special attention.

    Hardware: as the package of external ornaments, the role of finishing touch. Optional package, the shape of metal, workmanship should be very careful, such as metal was golden, be sure to consult whether the fade. Like a trolley case, cosmetic case with the handle of the luggage, we should pay attention to it.

    Line: Whether the use of open-line or dark line sewing bag, the length of the pin children should be uniform, and no wire exposed, pay attention to whether there is no wrinkled suture, the line has come to see whether the wired head of the place will cause the package Of the crack.

    Adhesive: Select package, be sure to pull the various components to pull, to see if the adhesive glue is strong. In particular, some of the more stylish bags, because the design looks good, embellishment excellent, so it will be very attractive to the eye, but if the embellishment is not very strong joint, it lost its characteristics.

    Zipper: check the surrounding line is tight, and the package is natural. Especially some key cases, cosmetic bags and the like will be stored relatively hard things bag, but also to pay more attention.

    Button: Although it is a humble accessories, compared to zippers, but also easier to replace, so the selection should also be more careful. Such as CD bag, wallet, etc. will often open and close the package, the choice should pay attention to the practicality of the buckle.

    Trolley box to buy the standard to say the quality of trolley: First of all, said drawbars of the drawbars of course, to choose the built-in, the material must be steel (external rod and wheels certainly can not adapt to the brutal handling of various flights nowadays) Have the steel home of the skeleton, the fabric is the best rain, the material of a larger particle size is good, because the more wear-resistant, the wheels do not have to say it must be built-in (by the way, now many boxes Said the wheel can be turned, the consignment of the box must not use such a wheel, because too much exposed outside so easy to fall off) The material of the wheel is rubber, pull the ground when the sound smaller The better the zipper is also very important, but not necessarily the bigger the better, or look at the material and try to pull up the handle!

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    Trolley selection criteria
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