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    Luggage fabrics and lining of the classification you know how much?
    Release time:2016-11-10

    Fabric is the main material of luggage products, fabrics not only directly affect the appearance of the image of the product, but also related to the market price of products in the design selection must be given great attention. Style modeling, materials and colors are three elements of design. Luggage color and material directly to the two factors reflected by the fabric, luggage style also depends on the material soft, crisp and thick and light weight and other characteristics to ensure.

    There are many kinds of materials that can be used for luggage products. The products also have different classification due to the different fabrics, such as leather bags, leather bags, plastic boxes, plush bags, cloth handbags and so on.

    One: natural leather materials

    Natural leather material is a variety of animal skin, natural leather elegant appearance, soft and plump, durable product performance, by the users. But because of its high price, to a certain extent, limit the use of leather bags. Natural leather materials used in luggage products a lot, but with the different types of performance are also very different.

    Second: artificial leather and synthetic leather

    The appearance of artificial leather resembles natural leather, and low prices, a wide variety of colors, industrial and agricultural production and people's life in large-scale use. Early production of artificial leather coated with PVC fabric made of the surface, the appearance and practical performance are poor, in recent years developed polyurethane synthetic leather varieties, the quality of artificial leather was significantly improved, especially with non-woven base Cloth, surface layer of polyurethane porous material imitation of natural leather structure and composition of synthetic leather, has good practical properties.

    Artificial leather by raw material classification, can be divided into two categories, namely, PVC synthetic leather and polyurethane synthetic leather. Among them, in the artificial leather series, there are artificial leather, artificial leather, artificial leather, polyvinyl chloride plastic film and other materials. In the synthetic leather material series, the kind of surface coated with polyurethane foam layer, the appearance and natural leather is very similar to the most widely used synthetic leather.

    Artificial fur with the development of textile technology, has a greater development, with the appearance of natural fur, and low prices easy to keep, in terms of performance and natural fur close to the bag design not only can be used for edge materials, and Can be used to make full of playful bag products. Its appearance and performance depends mainly on its production methods, varieties of knitted artificial fur, woven artificial fur, man-made volume of fur and so on.

    Third: fiber cloth (fabric)

    Fabric in the bag can be used for fabrics, can also be used for lining part. Fabrics used in the fabric of PVC coated and ordinary fabrics two categories. Among them, PVC coated, that is, in front or on the back of a transparent or opaque PVC film attached to the fabric, such as Scotland cloth, cloth, rayon, etc., this material has a variety of colors and patterns , But also a very high water resistance and wear resistance, can be used to make travel bags, sports bags, student bags and so on. In the ordinary fabric, canvas, velvet, denim, Scotland square cloth can be used to make bags products.

    Fourth: plastic

    Plastic bags are commonly used varieties of materials, used for hot-pressing the box parts, is the main material of the suitcase. Not only the color is rich and colorful, and the use performance is very good.

    Fifth: lining

    Luggage lining is mainly used to assist the product shape, and play the role of protection of fabric products. The main varieties are leatherette and textile two categories. In the artificial leather products, the main application of those relatively soft varieties, for example, a sense of sheepskin leather with a sense of foam; and in the textile, the main application of chemical fiber fabric imitation silk fabric, sometimes in some luggage products, cotton Fabrics and rayon fabrics.

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    Luggage fabrics and lining of the classification you know how much?

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